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The African wilderness represents a siren call to many adventurers and travelers. Due to the harsh conditions, wildlife and geography, however, travelers must be prepared to survive in the event that they remain in the wilderness. Before entering the African wilderness, make sure you are knowledgeable and prepared to survive in an emergency

Wildlife areas in Africa can vary greatly. Before you travel, understand the area where you will travel. Specific knowledge of terrain, geography, wildlife and plant life can save your life in an emergency.

Climate change

Climate change is due to both natural and human impact. Much today talks because climate change is more than what natural variations produce. The reason for this is most likely human activity. This effect is mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions, aerosols, and soil changes.

In the wild

At most safaris in Tanzania or Kenya, you are looking for and watching the animals in a safari trailer, in which you are sure. Most of the animals that you can meet on foot on such a trip are animals that stand by the lodge or tent camp where you live. Keep away from these animals. Even animals that act as if they were domesticated, for example, the landowners living in many lodges and tent camps, are wild and can take chlorine and teeth if they feel threatened. Keep doors and windows in your room closed or under surveillance so that monkeys, chipmunks and other animals can not come in and look for food.

According to the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN) Red List of Endangered Species, more than 32,000 endangered animals are found in the world. People with time, power and money can help conservation groups and organizations around the world reduce that number and encourage threatened populations of species to grow

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